Why Choose Bloomfield & Kempf as your Business Immigration Attorneys

Bloomfield & Kempf’s business immigration lawyers offer comprehensive and detailed services for a wide variety of immigration issues. If you are seeking to acquire or extend a US business visa, Bloomfield & Kempf offers efficient and effective personalized service. Several types of business visas are available. Bloomfield & Kempf will assist with the specific visa that meets your needs.

If your business wants to increase the workforce by using immigration business visas, or someone needs to apply for a US work visa, Bloomfield & Kempf offers options. After understanding the issues, our attorneys are ready to suggest effective means to accomplish your goals.

Our lawyers use current technology to eliminate errors. Detailed timely filings and applications are hallmarks of Bloomfield & Kempf’s full immigration service. So whether increasing your workforce, or seeking a US work visa, rely on our attorneys for comprehensive results.

Utilization of Web-Based Technology

Bloomfield and Kempf uses web-based technology in all its processes. You can search for status updates on your immigration applications. Our individual clients as well as businesses’ Human Resource departments are provided login information to access files on the system. Bloomfield and Kempf will respond to emails, questionnaires, upload required documents and communicate with you.

Application to Detail

The immigration process cannot be taken lightly. Bloomfield and Kempf specializes in business immigration law using in-depth knowledge and experience to process applications for entry of foreign nationals into the United States.

A comprehensive investigation leads into identifying and processing the necessary forms and applications to begin a visa or immigration case. Time is set aside to fully explain the applications process and provide answers to any questions.

Immigration law requires knowledge and accuracy since mistakes can significantly affect the ability to secure a visa or immigration goal. Every filing submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) must be scrupulously scrutinized. Our attorneys excel in this regard.

Customer Focused Service

Providing exceptional service is Bloomfield and Kempf’s top priority. Our objective is to make the visa application process run smoothly and effectively.

We provide solid legal advice, one-on-one attention, 24-hour availability and comprehensive resources. Communications by phone or email are answered promptly because keeping you informed throughout the application process is important in meeting your expectations and goals.

Full-Service Representation

We want you to focus on managing and growing your business, not dealing with the immigration process. That is why Bloomfield and Kempf’s full attention is on your complete immigration needs. Our attorneys address H1-B, H2-B, L, R, O/P and other business visas while managing all your immigration details.

Since our attorneys mange the legal process and filings, you will not be burdened with immigration issues in a way that affects your business productivity.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Bloomfield and Kempf provides many business immigration services including business immigration advice and services to obtain a work visa. We ensure that your visa workers and immigration business practices are compliant with current immigration laws. Our consultations are strictly confidential. We welcome you to contact us today to schedule your consultation.