For Over 50 Years, We’ve Helped Clients With:

• Green card application based on family relationship

• Green card applications based on employment

• Various work visas, including but not limited to H-visas, O-visa, R-visa, EB visas, PERM

• K-visa

• Change of current status or extension of current status

• Waivers including, I-601 and I-601A

• Appeals with USCIS

• Representation at interviews

• U-visa

• Consular Processing

• Response RFE (request for further evidence)

• Notice of intent to deny

About Us

What Makes Us Different?

• Our firm serves central Ohio businesses, universities, and small to mid range businesses to obtain the best employees to fit their team. We help obtain H and Eb visas for your employees.

• We have over 50 years' combined experience in our field of law.

• We are committed to giving each client the personal attention they deserve. Our two attorneys are always available to answer your questions quickly, and our pricing is reasonable and affordable.

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